Sunday, October 27, 2013

Photos of Mayor Plaza Lima Peru where city started.

Mayor Plaza.  Center of Lima were Pizzaro first started the city.  

The catholic cathedral on the plaza.  Built in 1600's put destroyed by earth quakes several times.  

Another picture of the cathedral

Center of government.  President lives here.  Changing of the guard.  

Carolyn watching intently

Band played while soldiers marched.  

Other buildings around the plaza

Cardinal of Peru's house.  Wooden alcove.  

Inside of cathedral.  We had a very young guide who took us around the next section.  Mass was underway in this one.  

Interesting design to let in the natural light.  Without rain not much need to try and keep it out.  

This is our guide.  

Pizzaros coat of arms.

Art delpicting those who did not want to sail with pizzaro naked.

Stained glass in cathedral

Confession booths all over the place

Another altar within the cathedral

booths for key leaders to sit.  Organ doesn't work anymore  

Carvings of the 12 apostles.

Shows Peter with a key depicting him representing Christ.  

Interesting ceiling

Front Door

Restaurant we ate at good food

Building on street by plaza

Setting up some kind of a stand at key location

Casa de Aliaga oldest piece of family owned real estate on the continent was built on top of an Inca shrine in 1535

You an see the detail of the woodwork.  Lots of paintings from the Cusco art school.  Very European.  

Pretty spectacular.  The owners still live in parts of the house.  Kind of like going through castles or houses in England.

Italian tile

Open room right in center of house.  with this huge tree in it.  It has the dining area on second floor.  No rain.  

Photo of a plant growing on the side of the tree.  

Lower floor showing the base of the tree and the fountain.  

Carved ceiling tile about 15 inches square.  

Picture in a mirror

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

photos Octubre 22, 2013

Chorrillos harbor with fishing and other boats on a sunny day.

Street in Chorrillos.  You can see the invasion homes being built up the hill side.  

One of the many houses under construction.  People build their own houses but seem to never finish them.  

Going up the stairs to one of the missionaries apartment.  Elder Diaz who I work with is the last one up.  

Street in front of one of the apartments pretty simple.  

Market along street.  Many up and down the street.  

In front of another apartment in Chorrillos.  

Cages asre full of chickens/roosters.  They were very noisy.  

Fron the roof top of one of the apartments.  You can see the sprawl.  


Back yard of one of the apartments.  A little old lady lives in the shack in back.  

This is the apartment with the shack in back.  Great apartment.  The stairs lead up to the roof.  

Look closely you can see the chickens with their feet hanging down.  

Our office.  

Sunny day in Lima from our front window

Lima at night from our front window.