Thursday, May 8, 2014

07 Mayo 2014

Beach at Paracas bay out in front

Carolyn taking a snooze

Large jelly fish all along the beach.  No swmming for me.  

Birds diving for anchovies

Another one of those jelly fish

Home along water front for sale.  

In boat off of Paracas.  area sticking out into ocean

Ballestas islands

We did not get to go through

Look at all the birds


Sea Lions

Lots of sea lions


what a view

On Parades

Use to look like this until earthquake knocked it down

Beach where planet of the apes ending filmed with top of statue of liberty on the shore

Red Beach

Carolyn at red beach

Other direction along red beach

Point of paracas

Old lake botton with tons of fossils of snails etc

Pisco River on way to Tumba Colordo old inca ruin at mouth of canyon

Vally with mountains with sand dunes

Inca ruins tumba colorado chicha ruins predated Inca

Tambo Colorado not Tumbo

Families lived here and guarded the entrance to the valley.  1000s were here.  

Entrance to one of the main areas.

Guard let us in

One of the portals more for design

Original colors were bright yellow and red.  Much has been destroyed over the years.  

View through a portal

One of the bathrooms with running water for women

Can still see some of the color

Narrow passage

One of the top stones still in place.  Many knocked down both by earthquakes and well as people

Built of stone and adobe

See the small owl

Another view of the owl.  little fuzzy

good one

View out of ruins

Add caption

Wasps in many of these openings


See the wasps

One of the inca trails

Bus stop in Paracas not too fancy

Another view