Tuesday, December 31, 2013

30 Diciembre 2013

Baptism in Chorrillos.  E Hartvigtsen, E Diaz, Sister Zarate, new member Sister Parker Elder Valencia, Elder Clarke

Christmas service project old missionaries

Christmas/New years fireworks

Christmas stocking from ward

Christmas Program in Chincha

Chris, Sister Douglas, Emily

Missionaries in Chincha (Jaguar in Chetmian)

President and Sister Douglas

Towels at Las Dunes in Ica

Top of sand dune in Ica.  People sand board here

Ica in back ground grow a lot of grapes and other things

Multiple sand dunes

Trail up the sand dune

Flowers at Las Dunes


red bird

Las Dunes


Christmas at Douglases

Ruins near Pachacamac

Missionary apartments are always up stairs

Elder Valencia, ?, Elder Rowley Bishop Juan

Out side the apartment

Elder Pino, Elder Valencia, Elder Mickelson, Obispo Juan

Contrast in housing

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Our car and nice looking apartment

small and old

Manager scene after Christmas with baby Jesus in it.  

Seeds planted and growing

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