Sunday, March 9, 2014

09 March 2014

Museo Nacion

More of the pottery

Mural at entrance

Scene of Peru from past

This painting is copied everywhere


Hair Pins

Rough Road

One of the Embassies

Pictures of the Shinning Path War from museum

New Missionaries

Greeting their trainers.  Sister Del Rosario in pink

President reading off companionships.  Sister Alkema taking notes


Elder Valencia and Elder Cajo

Elder Henostroza

Elder Clarke and Sister Alkema

One of the nicer missionary apartments

Add caption

Obispo Juan, Sister Douglas, and Elder Valencia

Roof Top in Santa Maria

Zone leaders in Santa Maria Elder Goodman

Most property is under constant construction or demolition


Most Ants
Spiral Staircase

Didn't pass

From Rooftop

Dress to demonstrate that poor planning results in poor meetings

President hadn't shaved.  did later

Missionaries waiting outside the fence.  No Key  Planned

Tables in shambles

How it is suppose to look

Sister Trainers

Coronel Portillo

Caught Missionary unprepared.  sister Robertson


Sisters Apartment Dillon and 

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