Friday, April 4, 2014

04 Abril 2014

Sunset out our back window in March 2014

Sister Hellstrom.  Hna Ali's Mom

Old Catholic church next to hotel in Ayacucho.  Open window type areas used to hang people during inquisition

Main Square in Ayacucho

Flowers in Ayacucho Square

Statue with mountains shrouded with fog in background

Another one of 36 old Catholic Churches in Ayacucho

Walking street off of main square

Another one

Arch over road off of main square

Hotel restaurant

Ceramics made and sold in Ayacucho.  Many are of Christian scenes inside the structures

Government building

Outside our Hotel

Valley outside of town.  Sewage treatment Plant

Catus from which Tuna comes.  

Roadside Farm

Ayacucho in distane from mountain where last battle of independence from Spain took place

Statue honoring the men who won independence for Peru

Battle field.  Elevation is 9 - 10,000 Feet

Generals who won.  Most are from other Countries who supported the independence

Reminded us of angel Moroni

Backside of monument

Homes have ceramics on top to help ward off evil spirits

Roadside flowers at town where monument located.  

Many of these ceramic statues where in the town.  

Wlder Wiley at Zone Conference in Ayacucho

Stake Center in Ayacucho

River running past church in park out front

Upper end of park out in front of church

Storage for Elders

Room passed Inspection.  

Ponsieta Tree out front of Elder's apartment

Sister Moir's room receive a Celestial

Need to focus better.  Baptism in Bolinesia.  Elder Clark and Elder Cajo

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