Saturday, March 15, 2014

Today March 15, 2014

Busy week this week with a transfer of about a third of the companionships.  Big changes in Ayacucho.  7 if 8 companionships changed.  Five new missionaries going to Ayacucho to train.  Elder Valencia left the office and is a DL in VES.  Its fun to see the new missionaries meet their companion for the first time.  They are both so excited.  Developing friendships and companionships is one of the rewards of serving a mission.  Learning to get along with someone you are living with is one of the hardest but valuable lessons they learn.  President was very sick this week but managed to get everything done.  I think that being a mission president is even harder than being a Bishop.  Taking care of more than 200 young people is overwhelming but very rewarding.  Each of them is unique and interesting.  Some create more work than others.  In Peru, one of the major issues is illness.  We always have 10 or more missionaries who are suffering some type of ailment.  From throwing up to flu to feet problems.  Some have allergic reactions that cause skin eruptions.  It is also difficult to make sure they all of balanced diets.  They all are suppose to take supplements.  We do have our share of emotional distress issues as well but it is only a few missionaries.  This is Emily's last week before heading home for her sisters wedding and starting college.  She is the President's youngest daughter of three.  Chris her younger brother will be the only one left.  Emily is very excited about finishing high school starting college.  Both Carolyn and I are doing well.  Both of us have allergies but we are managing them.  No other serious ailments other than old age.  We are enjoying are stay.  Still struggling with Spanish.  We feel like we are doing some good by helping more of the missionaries to have time to do the work.  

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