Sunday, September 29, 2013

29 Setiembre 2013

Hello again, another week has past and we are still alive.  This has been another good week.  We kept busy with the transfers that took place on Monday and also 8 new missionaries who came in on Tuesday.  One of them is not able to go out into the field, Sister Parker because she hurt her knee playing volleyball at he Lima MTC, oh well.  These new missionaries look very young but are also very enthusiastic.  Yesterday we visited on of the Lima museums, Museo Larco.  It was great.  It displayed ceramics, metalworkings, and even textiles from cultures throughout Peru going back until 2000 years before Christ.  The incas dominated only the last 150 years before the Spanish came.  It appears that many of the people and their dwellings were destroyed by flooding when el Nino flared up.  Flooding was so extensive it washed many of the mountain rocks down to the coast.  Their gold and silver were part of religious beliefs or symbols and were stolen by the Spanish.  Much of the gold the Spanish took were from mining as well.  It was interesting to see a major transfer and see how much effort goes into it.  The Lima South Mission is one of the largest missions in the Church.  Several zones are more than 10 hours from Lima.  I am going to attach more photos they will show a lot.

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