Sunday, September 1, 2013

HELLO AGAIN,  Hope everyone is doing ok.  I lost the last one of these that i tried to do because I tried to add some photos.  oh well.  I will be more careful this time and upload this before I try and put in some photos.  We are doing well and enjoying our time here.  We went to a ruin called Huaca Pucllana.  It was built between 200 - 700 years AD by people who worshipped a female god and sacrifices young women every so often.  They built this large temple about the size of two football fields for religious ceremonies such as the sacrifices.  There were probably about 5000 people surrounding this temple.  They grew crops and had to haul water 5 kilometers.  the used alpacas and llamas for food, clothing and transport.  The cultivated guinea pigs for eating yuk.  We had a multizone conference with about 60 missionaries.  it was great to be able to associated with all of these young people from around the world.  They have a great attitude and work very hard.  They love being with each other and learning.  Our office missionaries found a subway sandwich place close to our office and have eaten there at least three times this week.  Main course for most missionaries is rice, fries, and chicken.  They generally have someone cook for them for lunch and dinner.  A good subway sandwich would taste very good after eating the same thing for a while.  We are learning all of the office procedures and enjoy the Elders in our office.  They work very hard in the office and then go out and meeting with people at night.  They are very committed and enjoy what they are doing.  The three Elders we get to work with are Elders Diaz from Peru and Elders Hartvigsen and Durfey from Utah.  They are all looking forward to getting out and doing regular missionary work.  I am going to try and add pictures but only after I have saved this blog.  We love you all Elder and Sister Alkema.

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