Monday, September 9, 2013

9 Setiembre 2013

Wow!! was it hard to get this working again.  We forgot Carolyn's email and password.  Thanks to McKenna we got it going to night.  We had a good week last week.  Went to eat for our anniversary at Bistecka.  It is a fabulous restaurant that cooks all kinds of food.  They have a large open area with all kinds of salads, cold cuts, and fish.  They also have counters all around the room where you an order and watch them cook your food fresh.  The best were the pastas about 20 different kinds and the Chinese where we had steak cooked in a wok.  Most peruvians spend the whole night until 1:00 am eating.  We only stayed until about 9:00 but we ate a lot.  We are getting a little use to the cooler and damp weather (no rain but very humid).  Carolyn has bought some nice sweaters to keep her warm.  They are made from alpaca wool.  This week we are going to Nasca with the Mission President.  It is about 8 hours south of us.  It has a lot of interesting things to see.  We look forward to having a little time to sightsee.  Love you all.  I am going to also try and upload some photos from last week and some of the sites we saw at missionary conferences and room inspections.

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