Sunday, October 6, 2013

6 Octubre 2013

Hola, hope everyone is doing well.  We are healthy and busy in Lima.  We had a Zone Leaders Conference this week where all of the zone leaders come in and are taught by the mission president and his assistants.  Some of our missionaries have to travel 10 hours on the bus just to get here.  This time they were able to fly back to Ayachuco instead of taking the bus.  We also ate at Papacitos which is supposedly the best hamburger place in Lima.  It was very good but also very large.  We had milk shakes and onion rings as well.  We are still learning how to do all that they want us to do in the office. Carolyn typed in information on 180 baptisms we had for September.  Lot of work but seeing the pictures of all of the families that were baptized was very fun and worthwhile.  I am still learning how to do all the finances and spreadsheet information.  It is good to be able to help the missionaries with their extra needs for travel or rent.  I feel like I am supporting them in their efforts.  We have a lot of very good young men and women here and we enjoy working with them.  I am going to attach some photos from this week.  Not as many but a few good ones.  It is very good to be able to talk to the family every week.  It makes it a lot easier being away from everyone.  Love you all Elder and Hermana Alkema

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