Tuesday, October 22, 2013

photos Octubre 22, 2013

Chorrillos harbor with fishing and other boats on a sunny day.

Street in Chorrillos.  You can see the invasion homes being built up the hill side.  

One of the many houses under construction.  People build their own houses but seem to never finish them.  

Going up the stairs to one of the missionaries apartment.  Elder Diaz who I work with is the last one up.  

Street in front of one of the apartments pretty simple.  

Market along street.  Many up and down the street.  

In front of another apartment in Chorrillos.  

Cages asre full of chickens/roosters.  They were very noisy.  

Fron the roof top of one of the apartments.  You can see the sprawl.  


Back yard of one of the apartments.  A little old lady lives in the shack in back.  

This is the apartment with the shack in back.  Great apartment.  The stairs lead up to the roof.  

Look closely you can see the chickens with their feet hanging down.  

Our office.  

Sunny day in Lima from our front window

Lima at night from our front window.  

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