Monday, October 14, 2013

One of the apartments in our neighborhood with lots of flowers.  

One of the huacas right around the corner from us.  A ruin from more than 1000 years ago.  

 Flowers on a tree close to our apartment

Our apartment is on the 15th floor of the first tall building.

Our street out in front of building.  

Golf course as seen from our front window.  

You can see the hang glider/kite with a person on it being pulled by a boat in the ocean.  

You can still see the high flying kite.  

Yes I can still see the kite/hang glider being pulled.  

Park just around the corner from our apartment.  Unusual looking tree.  

Another picture of one of the trees and all of its weird looking branches.  

Yellow bird.  

Sun set.  Islands in front.  

Center of San Isidro.  Close to where we had lunch on Saturday.  

Chinese restaurant where we had lunch.  Menu in Spanish so  one of the Managers had to interpret for us.  Good Food  

Table we sat at. 

They were setting up the main eating area for a wedding reception.  

The park again 

Two women sweeping the street on sunday.  The are wearing masks to keep the dust out of their lungs.  

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