Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Octubre 22, 2013

It's been another busy two weeks at the office. We will have 17 missionaries going home and 15 new ones coming from the CCM (MTC) here in Peru. That means a lot of paperwork on both ends, food, and tons of luggage in the office everywhere so transfers can be made and new missionaries finding out who their trainers are going to be for the next 6 weeks and then the office will be quiet for a few days before we start Zone conferences and etc. It is really an exciting time to see how orderly all of this happens.  The missionaries are always happy to see one another and visit so sometimes we have to remind them they need to find their luggage, get out the door and not miss their bus or taxi rides to their areas.  Some of those farther away will be riding a bus for 10 hours straight over night and arrive just in time to get to their apartments, and then go out and do missionary work.  The new missionaries always look a little shell shocked but its great. This next two times we will not have any missionaries coming in   waiting for their VISA's before going on to another country so that is good and bad.  We may have to close some areas and can only put the sisters in "safe" areas which limits out options.  Already the stores have Halloween and Christmas things out, just like home. I guess Halloween is a big thing here. It just seems so funny to think of it as more of a US thing.  The weather is starting to feel a little warmer and we do have some hours of sun for a few hours some days.  It is hard to get use to it being dark outside at 6:30 at night year around.  Hope all of you are doing well and enjoying wherever you are. The Church is doing well over here and baptisms are plentiful and the gospel is accepted and recognized as something that individuals really want in their lives. It's great.

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